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The Trailer.

A film by Steve Callen.


DETTAGLIO (Pronounced day-tarl-yo) is the Italian word for 'detail'.


It’s also the name of a 10 part TV series about the details of a true Rennaissance Man, Rinaldo DiStasio. 

For over a quarter of a century, Rinaldo has owned one of Australia’s best restaurants, the highly regard and multi award winning Café Di Stasio. Opinionated, passionate and delicious, Rinaldo is a living breathing opera himself.


When the TV is full of shows telling us how to cook, Ronnie reminds us how to eat, live and love. It's not about cooking. It's about dining. It's a story that really starts in Italy, from one home to a new home here in Australia. And it's about the home Ronnie has built here in St Kilda and in the country. 


It's about the importance of art, architecture and having a little mystery left in your life. And above all else, it's about the details. The details of what makes up our lives and the details that we should go to to make something extraordinary.

- the Rinaldo DiStasio story.
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