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Open up with Andre Agassi - Series 2


It’s often difficult to speak humbly about your own character, so in this second year of global tennis sponsorship work for Jacob’s Creek, Steve took the family and friends approach. By introducing Andre Agassi’s brother Phil and mentor/coach/friend/buddy Gil Reyes, he opened up new stories about their brand ambassador and added a level of premiumness into the Jacob’s Creek brand.


In Australia alone, a country of 23 million people, the films reached 6 million people nationally.


The film series then rolled out globally across TV, digital, print, event and PR during the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and 16 other markets, it won awards and sold wine.


And Jacob’s Creek rose to the #1 position in wine sales again.


The quality of the film series enabled a unique contra-for-content partnership with Channel 7 and $5.6m in media.


All for free.


Here's just one of the 14 films Steve directed.

Open love.

The heartfelt story of the support Andre Agassi gave his surrogate father and trainer, Gil Reyes in a time of need. An act that takes true character.

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