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Open up with Andre Agassi - Series 1


Everyone loves a good story and Andre Agassi’s story was an international best seller.


Both Spielberg & Bruckheimer wanted to tell his story but then in 2012, for the very first time, Andre Agassi decided to tell his story in a series of five short films for Jacob’s Creek wines. They were created to support the Jacob’s Creek global Grand Slam and tennis sponsorships.


They revealed the true character of tennis and its stars and mirrored the true character of their wines. Social media went crazy and the films quickly started trending all over the world.


All five films were watched by 27% of Australians at least twice. Total media cost $0.


Qantas then wanted the film series for every flight, on every plane. Total media cost $0.


And ESPN then broadcast them across Asia reaching 541 million people. Total media cost $0.


And 70% of the audience associated the films with Jacob’s Creek. Total media value: $4,200,000 in just three weeks.

Return on investment for Jacob’s Creek: 748% Total media cost $0.


After being broadcast in the US and the UK, the films went on to win awards at Cannes and the One Show Entertainment awards.


Because everyone loves a great story.


Steve wrote and directed all eight films in the first series. Here are a few of the films where Steve helped Andre open up.

Open fire.

Andre talks about how his childhood with tennis determined the mood of his home life. It's a story of struggle, redemption and joy.

Open hand.

Andre recounts the off the court experience after playing Baghdatis at the US Open. It's a story of reflection, understanding and compassion.

Open road.

Andre talks about his own philosophy in terms of character and remaining true to yourself. It's how helping others gain access to education taught him the most.

Open call.

Andre remembers one of the very few times his father attended one of his matches and how all hell almost broke loose.

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