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Uniting Church - ‘&’

Television, Cinema and Web

Traditionally, churches are in the business of ‘spreading the Good Word’. Unless you’re preaching to the converted, this has historically been a tough sell.


But when the Uniting Church came to us asking us to spread the idea that the church has a role in keeping our community together, there wasn’t one mention of God or the Bible. They talked about the Parents Helpline they set up, forums for teenagers and the support they give to the elderly.


The more we thought about it, the more we realised that a community is so much more than a collection of individuals. It’s made up of you & me & everyone else. It’s when we’re together that we are complete.


Maybe the Uniting Church is the “&” in our community.


To dramatise this insight, we cast real people to film two stories. Separately they feel incomplete, but when we bring these stories together, they make sense; we complete each other. And that’s what a community is.


We thought that was an idea worth spreading.


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